Does the charger have to be 5V 2A, or can it be lower, or higher?

You can charge your Wylera Dreamwave with a 5V 2A (the standard version) or a 5V 1A. The maximum current is 5V 2A.


What happens if I use a lower voltage to charge my Wylera Dreamwave?

It will take double the amount of time to charge.


What happens if I use a higher voltage to charge my Wylera Dreamwave?

The battery's lifespan will be shorter, and it could burn out.


If I do not charge my Wylera Dreamwave for a period of time, does this affect the lithium battery?

Yes, it is important to charge your Wylera Dreamwave regularly to keep the battery healthy.


Does my Wylera Dreamwave require charging frequently if it is not in use? If yes, how often?

We recommend charging your Wylera Dreamwave no less than once every 3 months.


How long will it take my Wylera Dreamwave to recharge if I have not used it for a while and it is completely flat?

It should take about 5-6 hours for your Wylera Dreamwave to charge if it is completely flat and has not been used for a month or more.