Frequently Asked Questions

How do I hold my Dreamwave curler?

Our Dreamwave cordless curler is quick and easy to use on your hair, just make sure your curler barrel is facing away from your hair as pictured below.

Can my hair get caught in the curler?

The curler has an automatic shut off mechanism, so that if for any reason you take too much hair into the product, the Dreamwave will shut off. Hair is not held in the Dreamwave, so that anytime (as long as hair is inserted correctly) you may simply move the Dreamwave away from your hair and hair will fall away from the product

What features are different with the Dreamwave 2.0 Compact?

Our compact version is designed for finer hair and is more lightweight and hence more portable. Due to it being designed for fine hair, you are able to set the timer for as low as 6 seconds only, which makes curling your hair quicker. Also with our new Compact version you do not have to set the direction of your curl. You may simply press the left or right arrow to ensure curling in the direction you wish at that moment. This allows you easily get curls on the same side of the head multi-directional.

How long does the Dreamwave need to heat up prior to using?

To enjoy voluminous waves that hold all day, allow the Dreamwave just a few minutes to heat up. The ceramic coating on the barrel evenly distributes the heat which ensures no damage ensues.

When can I expect my order to arrive?

We want you to receive your parcel as quickly as possible. That is why all orders are processed and dispatched within 48 hours. Delivery times vary depending on your location. For more details email us at

Do you ship internationally?

Yes we absolutely do! After entering your address in the checkout, the shipping rate will automatically generate to ship where you are.

What is your warranty policy?

If purchased direct with Wylera Hair, we offer a manufacturer's warranty on all our product found to be defective within 1 year, which is valid from the date of original purchase with receipt. If you find your product is defective please send an email to